Floyd County Public Schools
Department of Special Education


2012-2013 Parent Involvement Survey
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Floyd County Public Schools provide special education programs for children with disabilities, ages two through twenty-one. Services include programs for children with mental disabilities, learning disabilities, hearing impairment, emotional disturbance, speech-language impairments, physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, developmental delays, traumatic brain injury and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Early warning signs of disabling conditions include difficulties in seeing, talking and hearing, delayed motor skills, delayed physical development, difficulties in social and emotional development.

Our Staff:

Barry Hollandsworth, Director of Special Education and Student Services for Floyd County Schools at 745-9400

Mary Hart, Administrative Assistant

Heidi Hawkins, School Psychologist

Dawn Weeks, Medicaid/V-testing/Vision Specialist

Bill Gardner, Visiting Teacher

What is Special Education?

Specially designed instruction provided at no cost to the parent to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability. The term includes the following if it is specially designed instruction in speech-language pathology services or any other related service if the service is considered a special education service rather than a related service under State standards; travel training; vocational education.

Definitions of Disabilities